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Football Weekends Magazine
Football Weekends Magazine
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Football Weekends Magazine ist eine britische Zeitschrift und erscheint 10 mal im Jahr. Der Preis für ein Jahresabonnement beinhaltet die Zustellung nach Deutschland, Österreich und in die Schweiz.

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Football Weekends is the a great monhtly magazine solely dedicated to European and UK football tourism. It offers honest infromative reviews and features of interest to the tens of thousands of people who love travelling to watch the game – and the many more who would like to!

Football Weekends aim is to share experiences of fascinating cities and super stadiums – and give knowledge to provide an unforgettable, hassle-free trip.

Football Weekends cuts straight to the all important information – how to get there, the sights to see, the best bars plus a matchday stadium guide. From Barcelona to Berlin, Dortmund to Debrecen, it will cover them all through reports, photos and maps.

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