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Harvard Business Review Onpoint Magazine
Harvard Business Review Onpoint Magazine
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Harvard Business Review Onpoint ist eine amerikanische Zeitschrift und erscheint 4 mal im Jahr. Der Preis für beinhaltet die Zustellung nach Deutschland, Österreich und in die Schweiz.

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Harvard Onpoint is the more specialized version of the Harvard Business Review and is considered the ideal publication for business relations and career enhancements for prospective businesspeople that want a specific publication about a certain topic. This highly renowned magazine serves as a collaboration of some of the best-written and most informative articles from the Harvard Business Review and then formed together in a cohesive, quarterly publication that focuses solely on a single, overarching theme.

Havard Onpoint offers their readers what is considered to be great insight into that particular sector.

Serving a fine blend of priceless business information, Harvard Onpoint is a compelling and intriguing collection of old articles, new articles, and even blog posts, all of which are written by the world’s leading business intellectuals, management scholars, and individuals who have experienced unparalleled success in the business sector.

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